Singing lessons are made as fun as possible as that’s when students tend to learn the most. A selection of other lessons which support the development of singers and their musicianship is available which fall into three categories.


Musicianship training which includes piano, keyboard, music theory and aural training. The Aural training is especially popular for those thinking of taking school entrance examinations


Performance skills through different performance opportunities including performing workshops. Once a term Performance workshops are held which are particularly popular with younger artists looking to learn their craft in aspects like stage presence, movement, and interpretation of song. Students are actively encouraged to take part in the Student Showcase at the end of each term. (Currently online)

Short Courses

Short courses are available to support a student’s progress such as language classes for students taking the classical singing route. Other courses include short drama courses and a course for parents called Help Me Make Music. This is a short course designed to help parents who don’t read or have much knowledge of music acquire information to help support their child’s musical progress.